For the new virtual reality team of the film production company K5, a supermarket from the 70s was extensively converted, opposite its headquarters in Munich.

The office space, spread over 300 square meters, includes open workplaces, meeting rooms, a lounge with bar and communal kitchen.

Felt curtains and ceiling panels made of Danish wood wool divide the spacious area into work islands of different sizes and at the same time improve the acoustics. The exceptional graffiti wallpaper from Scotland sets a striking accent in the industrial looking design.

The heart of the lounge is the bar with details made of American walnut and glazed lava stone.

Conversion and interior design of an office 
Concept, design, planning and realization
Holistic project development and planning by SHIRVANI & OESTERLE

Year: 2019
Client: K5
Link: www.k5factory.com