LA TAQUERIA am Isartor

LA TAQUERIA Milagros has brought the world of fresh Mexican street food to Munich.
The design by SHIRVANI & OESTERLE is inspired by the authentic cantinas of Mexico City and classic taquerias found throughout the US.
The freshness and honesty of the cooking is being reflected in the interior design of the new restaurant chain.
The main goal was to create an authentic dining experience that catches the essence of Mexican street and market culture and to allow the various locations to have their individual design.
To achieve this expressive materials such as handmade cement tiles, brushed wood and roughly textured wall surfaces were combined with bespoke fittings.
The modern interpretation of Mexican street culture and traditional craftsmanship defines a unique style that can be found in many details such as the hand blown neon masks, the customized furniture or the murals, which are based on vintage posters from Mexico.

LA TAQUERIA Milagros was awarded the German Design Award in 2016.

Conversion and interior finish of a Mexican restaurant chain
Concept, design, planning and realization
Holistic project development and planning by SHIRVANI & OESTERLE

YEAR: 2013
CLIENT: Scott Myers